We're currently working on a major re-engineering of TimeZest which we're calling Workflows. It takes the existing things TimeZest does, and makes them configurable by specifying "actions" (like "write a note on a ticket") which TimeZest runs in response to "triggers" (like "the customer selects a time")
We're doing this for three main reasons:
  • To make it easier to understand what TimeZest is doing. The appointment type configuration screen contains a lot of options, which can sometimes interact in ways that are not entirely clear. The new workflows will make it very explicit what TimeZest is doing.
  • To make it possible to configure TimeZest even more flexibly to match your workflows - for example, you could get TimeZest to write a note on a ticket when it sends a reminder to a customer, which is not something it currently does. Or you could send a particular email to the customer 10 minutes before their appointment as a reminder.
  • To allow us to introduce even more integrations - like a SMS gateway which will provide a "Send a SMS" action, that allows reminders to be sent, or even the entire scheduling process to be done via SMS.